2018 Nashville Conference Schedule

Tuesday, July 10

At CBA's Unite 2018, Gaylord Opryland

1:30pm Pitchathon

ICVM and CBA will co-host the Pitch-a-Thon at UNITE 2018, a filmmakers forum to spark idea sharing, discussion, and business. Pitch-a-Thon is open to publishers, retailers, content creators, and agents. The event will be 1:30–3:30 PM, Tuesday, July 10 at CBA at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. A workshop targeted to filmmakers, publishers, content creators, and retailers to discuss the new dynamics of Christian video/movie distribution will follow. (Go to https://cbaunite.com/cba-icvm-pitch-a-thon/      for details.)

*Ridesharing from Mariott Cool Springs Hotel at 12:30 PM. 

4:30pm  - 6pm Panel Workshop: Winning with New Christian Media Models

Washington B at the Gaylord hotel

6 - 7:30pm Ice Cream Social   

Industry Hors d’Oeuvres and Ice Cream Social at CBA Tuesday, July 10, 6:00-8:00 PM (Gaylord Opryland in Washington B). Come for an across the industry networking event with filmmakers, publishers, distributors, authors, musicians, labels, and other creative Christians!


Wednesday, July 11

9:00-5:00  Registration 
9:00am Prayer
10:00am Film Screening + Q&A

12:00pm (Lunch is on your own)

1:30pm Film Screening + Q&A
3:30pm Newcomer’s Meeting
             Insider information for first-timers. 
4:15pm Group Introductions
             Meet everyone in 30 seconds!
6:15pm Dinner with Gary Moore and Chris Sinkinson
8:30pm Popcorn Movie Night
             Members and attendees show 5 minutes of current projects. Limited slots available.           

Thursday, July 12

7:45am Prayer
8:30am Singing and Devotions
             with Gary Chapman and Chris Sinkinson
9:30am Coffee and Networking

10:00am Seminars:

Production | Chuck Howard

Creative | Karen Abercrombie |


Actress Karen Abercrombie aka Miss Clara from the Kendrick brother's movie, War Room, talks about how she got cast in the movie and the creative challenges that she has had to overcome since breathing life into the iconic Miss Clara character, and the path that she is now on as a result of it.

DistributionFathom - Katie Sawyer-Stachler


Event cinema is a growing trend at movie theaters worldwide.  Fathom Events is building a fan base by offering unique events that bring audiences together as a community, based on shared interests such as sports, opera, musicals, ballet, concerts, TV specials, faith-centered events and red carpet premieres. As Fathom’s Director of Programming, Katie will explain what Fathom specifically looks for when considering a potential theatrical release as well as the content and promotional requirements for a cinema event. She will also discuss current industry trends, takeaways from top performing faith and inspirational events, and Fathom’s expansion Internationally.

12:00pm Lunch with Karen Abercrombie
             Sponsored by Vision Video, Uplift.tv, Parables.tv

2:00pm Roundtable Networking
5:00pm Nashville Night of Music & BBQ at the Hideaway Farm

Friday, July 13

7:45am Prayer

8:30am Open to Public: Nashville Faith and Film Breakfast at ICVM

9:30am Coffee and Networking

10:00am Seminars:

Production | Jon Erwin

Creative | Bodie Thoene


In film or fiction writing, what is the most important quality of great story telling?  What makes a film memorable?  What gives a story universal appeal?  How does a story teller capture the hearts of an audience?  What gives a story the lasting power to change lives?  Learn how to make a lasting difference in the lives of your audience through the art of storytelling. 

Distribution | Travis Mann


Everything a Writer or Producer Should Know About Motion Picture Development.  Discuss the most common legal issues faced by writers and producers in the motion picture industry, including intellectual property and copyright issues, option and attachment agreements, life story rights issues, shopping agreements, producing deals, writing agreements, confidentiality and non-circumvent provisions, financing arrangements, and distribution pitfalls.

12:00pm Lunch with Jon Erwin 
             Sponsored by CanZion, Nuhbe
             Brief Business Meeting
2:00pm Director’s Cut
6:00pm Dinner with Bodie Thoene
             Sponsored by Bridgestone, City on a Hill Studio

8:30pm Popcorn Movie Night
             Members and attendees show 5 minutes of current projects. Limited slots available. 

Saturday, July 14

7:45am Prayer
8:30am Worship & Devotions
              with Gary Chapman and Chris Sinkinson
9:30am Coffee and Networking
10:00am Seminars:

Production | Catherine Clinch


We live in a multi-platform world where every story needs to fit an array of audiences and formats. This seminar introduces an innovative methodology for designing your story economically so that all of your rewriting is done before you begin to write your script or text. Whether your format is 30 pages or 30 seconds - 8 chapters or 8 words - the result is a deeper experience of story with enhanced emotional engagement. 

Creative | Beverly Holloway




A Q & A conversation with actress Madeline Carroll, Casting Director Beverly Holloway, and other special guests. This session will explore what happens before, during, and after the audition from both the actor and Casting Director perspectives, and also how faith comes into play along the way. This is also YOUR chance to ask questions that would be helpful to you, and to hear from others who are pursuing a similar journey.


Distribution | Yvonne Carlson


It’s everywhere! Articles, webinars, and more are detailing digital trends that will impact you now. Join Moody Radio’s Director of Digital Strategy and User Experience, Yvonne Carlson, and hear the latest trends and more importantly how to practically respond. You’ll walk away from this session with a new perspective.

12:00pm Lunch with Chuck Howard
              Sponsored by Christian Cinema
2:00pm Director's Cut
6:30pm ICVM Crown Awards Banquet, hosted by Leland Klassen