ICVM Crown Award Categories

All of the awards are judged on quality of the production values,storytelling and Christian content, but to help clarify the distinctions between categories, here is a list of the criteria. A project can be nominated for any of the applicable categories.

 Best Comedy

Best comedy can be either a comedy-drama, stand-up special, or even a documentary if it deals within the realm of aiming at the lighter side of life.

 Best Curriculum / Education

Best curriculum or educational program is determined by how well the production manages to create interesting subject matter and stimulate thought and interaction. This is for productions that are designed to teach people, whether a single title or a series (only one episode submitted), and are accompanied by teaching materials.

 Best Children’s Program

The Best Children's program is a feature, tv series, or short program made for children aged 13 and under and is judged on quality and message.

 Best Documentary Under $50,000

The best documentary, costing under $50,000 to produce, is judged on quality and choice of subject matter.

 Best Documentary Over $50,000

The best documentary, costing over $50,000 to produce,  is judged on the treatment of subject matter and how it is put together to convey the message to the audience.

 Best Foreign Production

The best foreign production is to celebrate productions filmed in languages other than English. Please provide English subtitles/captions.

 Best Short Film 

Best short film reflecting a Christian world-view. Production must be under 59 minutes.

 Best Television Program

A television program can be of any kind: music show, drama, talk show, reality, kids or youth program.  Length should be from 20 to 60 minutes.

 Best Student Production 

This category is specifically for productions of any length and genre created solely by students.  

 Best Music / Worship Production

This category covers either a short music video or a music/worship concert production.  Music must be the primary focus of the program.

 Best Series

The Best Series is an episodic production of any genre and includes webcasts, small group content, and television series.  Please submit one episode from the most recent season that best exemplifies the program.

 Best Actor - Male

The best performance by a male lead actor.

Best Actor - Female

The best performance by a female lead actor.

Best Narrative Under $250,000

The best narrative under $250,000 goes to a feature-length film that does the finest job of telling a story – both in quality and execution.

 Best Narrative Over $250,000

The best narrative over $250,000 goes to a feature-length film that does the finest job of telling a story – both in quality and execution.

 Best Evangelistic Production

The Best Evangelistic production is for any genre or length that best conveys the pure message of the Christian gospel.  It can take any form, but what is important is how effectively it communicates the good news of Jesus Christ.


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